American Independent Radio
American Independent Radio (AIR) is the mobile digital radio station for the on the move, on the go consumer.
Our goal is to give an voice to the voiceless.
Our channels will include:
  • Talk,
  • Sports,
  • Politics, 
  • Comedy and 
  • The Pod Casts.
Air believes the voices that need to be heard are seldom heard but need to be heard. For those are the voices, who are on the front lines, trying to educate and bring about change in their communities. Effective change happens when the voiceless organize, build grassroots organizations and force its members to cause change to happen. AIR is here to give the voiceless a voice to be heard.

In June of 2019 we began our soft launch into the digital radio space. Our global radio channel Wild1Radio is now broadcastion 24/7 with actual Djs spinning the music they love and want to share. From Hip Hop to House, Trap, Rock & Roll, EDM,Classic R&B to Oldies we play it all.

Wild1Radio is the place to find the music you love on the device you can live without.

To find and hear what you love, check out our shows and schedule or listen NOW


American Independent Radio
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